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Only a few steps are necessary to set up facial recognition on the Huawei smart phone. We’ll tell you how to register your face on the device for Face Unlock and what you should pay attention to. There are several options available to you to unlock the Huawei smart phone, including a fingerprint or a password. You can also use the device’s face recognition, which is called Face Unlock: Once you have set up the function, in future you only need to hold your smartphone in front of your face to unlock it. The setup works directly via the device settings.

But first an important note: Huawei points out in its user guide that face recognition cannot be used if the password for unlocking the screen has not been entered for more than three days in a row or if the smartphone was locked or restarted remotely.

This is how you set up facial recognition on the Huawei Smart Phone

To set up Face Unlock on the Huawei P smart 2019, open the settings. Select the menu item “Security & Privacy” and tap on “Face Scan”. Confirm the process by using your lock screen password. If you haven’t created one yet, you can do it now. Face recognition can only be set up if a pattern, PIN or password has been created as the unlocking method. The face detection method works perfect there.

Then tap on “Register Face” to continue. If you select the option “Activate stand up to activate”, the display is always automatically unlocked as soon as you lift the device and hold it in front of your face. That improves the use of Face Unlock. Then tap on “Continue” and follow the instructions on the display to complete the setup.

Then you unlock your device by holding it 20 to 50 centimeters in front of your face and looking directly at it with your eyes. Make sure there is enough ambient light. Face recognition may not work if it is too dark. In addition, the camera lens should be clean and your face should be free – so it is best not to wear sunglasses if you want to unlock your smartphone.

Further Setting Options for Face Unlock

Incidentally, the Huawei P smart 2019 offers additional setting options for face recognition:

“Swipe to unlock”: If this option is selected, you have to swipe across the screen again after scanning your face in order to be able to interact with the device.

“Direct unlock”: If this option is active, the display is unlocked immediately as soon as the smartphone has recognized your face.

You can find the two functions under “Settings, Security & data protection, Face Scan”. There you also have the option of activating the “Intelligent lock screen notifications” option using the slider. If this is the case, content will only be displayed on the lock screen once the front camera has recognized your face. On the other hand, you can remove the data registered on the device via “Delete face data”.

Alternatively, Use the Fingerprint Sensor to Unlock

You can set up a different unlock method at any time under “Security & data protection” for example your fingerprint. This is considered to be even more secure than face recognition and is therefore a good alternative.

To register your fingerprint on the device, follow the path “Fingerprint ID” under “Security & data protection” Fingerprint Management, Change unlock method”. Then tap on “New Fingerprint” and follow the instructions on the screen.

Once your fingerprint has been fully registered select “OK” to complete the setup, then lock the display as a test and then unlock it using the fingerprint sensor.

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