How Do I Find A 12-Step Sponsor

Spotlight on the 12-Step Sponsor Relationship -

A sponsor is a senior AA or NA member who has been in recovery for at least a year. Sponsors assist you in navigating membership, answering questions, working through the 12-steps, and providing accountability.

A sponsor is also a confidant who knows where you’ve come from. You can confide in your sponsor about things you might not want to share at meetings. Alternatively, address topics that you have raised in meetings but feel like you need to explore more thoroughly outside of the time constraints.

What Does A Sponsor 

Your sponsor is not a therapist. A sponsor will not provide you with expert assistance. A sponsor should not force his or her own opinions on you. A sponsor is also not often a close friend or love partner.

Objectivity and honesty are essential for the success of the sponsor relationship. This might be tough to do if you have close friendships or love connections. It is preferable if your sponsor is someone you respect and trust, but not someone you have a long-standing personal relationship with. Some people prefer a sponsor of the same gender or with a comparable background, although this isn’t necessarily required for a successful How Do I Find A 12-Step Sponsor.

All that counts is that you be at ease with your sponsor. Keep in mind that all sponsors are just temporary. You or your sponsor may terminate the partnership at any moment for any reason. If you do decide to do so, make sure you do it in person. Set limits and honour the relationship’s termination. Always remember to express gratitude to your sponsor. Do not linger on the loss of your sponsorship arrangement. You may always locate a new sponsor or take on the job of a sponsor for someone else.

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