Hair Loss In Men

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Hair loss is a bothering condition for almost all of us. Not only men but women also faces from this hair loss condition once in their life. Living with hair loss is such a mess therefore we all just keep exploring for its treatment. Master class barber shop Brooklyn is here with a guide covering the causes and treatment of hair loss in men. All you have to do is to keep yourself engaged with the article to know about the causes and then the treatment of hair fall in men in upper west barbershop.

Causes Of Hair Loss In Men

Firstly have a look to the causes of hair loss in men. Knowing about the causes of the hair loss in men is crucial for getting appropriate treatment at the right time. Treating the issue from its root becomes easy when you are aware of its causes

Hormonal Imbalance

There is a possibility that you noticed a sudden hair fall in you. If it is not the seasonal hair fall, your diet is good and you are using the right type of hair product then it can be the hormonal imbalance. Most of the time other medical or health conditions causes the hormonal imbalance which directly affect the hair of a person.

Bad Diet

When you are not conscious that what are you eating and what important components are missing in your diet then you may face is the hair fall. Maybe you are following your weight loss diet which is not rich in essential nutrients and vitamins. Minimum and no fats in your diet can also be a reason of hair fall in men

Exposure To Sunlight

According to the barbershop Brooklyn exposure to sunlight and UV rays become the cause of hair fall in men. Due to the hectic routines of men and due to their life they are more interacted with the UV radiations. In this result there are more chances of facing hair fall in men as compared to the hair fall in women

Bad Selection Of Hair Products

Most of the men are not even conscious about what type of hair products are they using. When you are not aware of your hair texture and scalp health then you may keep going with the bad hair products. The hair products which are not of your type can become the cause of hair fall.

Age Factor

Maybe all of the other causes are absent in your case but the growing age is causing the hair fall. As we all are aware that most of the men in their forties start losing their hair.


Furthermore sometime it’s not the sun radiations, bad food and hormonal imbalance but it’s your blood. Maybe your father or grandfather are not the people with good hair. Therefore you may also face the hair fall at some specific stage of your life

Any Medical Issues

Maybe you are suffering from some other medical condition which is also affecting your scalp health most of the time cancer and even kidney issues becomes a cause of hair fall in men


If all the other causes of hair fall are absent in you and at the same time you notice the rainy weather then don’t panic it’s just seasonal hair fall. There comes a time in error when each of US starts facing the hair fall. This is the time of year in which men and women both faces the sudden hair Falls


Not eating healthy leads you into the situation when you start gaining weight. Gained weight which exceeded the limit becomes the major cause of hair fall in men.

Symptoms Of Hair Fall In Men

As we all know that symptoms of hair fall are much clear. Within the face of hair for you may notice the hair fall in the hair off all of your body. You may notice some patches on your scalp. Moreover there is a possibility that you may notice hair fall while taking bath.

Treatment Of Hair Fall In Men

Treatments of the hair fall in men are not some Rocket Science but just the reverse of causes. All you have to do is to follow this guide which is presented to you by barbershop Brooklyn.

Right Hair Products

It is important for a person to know about his or her scalp type before the selection of hair styling products. While purchasing the hair products you must search for the presence of aloe Vera and honey. The presence of milk can be a good approach within the hair products

Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil hair treatment is the most effective and quick treatment of the hair fall in men. Why sticking to the hot oil hair treatment you must select the olive oil along with the coconut oil and almond oil for the affected results. It is highly recommended that you must use the hot oil hair treatment twice or thrice in a week or month

Eat Healthy

Our hair health is not just what we apply on these but we eat also affect the health of our hair. It is suggested by the professionals of barbershop Brooklyn that you must have a diet which is rich in vitamins minerals and in protein. Protein and Calcium directly affect the health of your hair strands so they must be present in your diet.

Vitamin D

Along with the healthy food you must I have Vitamin D to get rid of hair issues. You can get vitamin D from the sun bath option. While on the other hand the supplements of vitamin D are also available which play a crucial role how to make the hairs strong

To Wrap It Up

The guide is presented to you by the professionals of master class barbershop Brooklyn. Within guide you will find a causes of hair loss in men along with its symptoms and treatment. Moreover, to know about the other hair issues and their solutions, you can approach the barbers of barbershop Brooklyn.


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