Growing Trees In A Condo!

Plants, the greenery, strengthen the mental peace and refresh the mind. Starting a garden is a fun activity along with many benefits but there are a few parameters which are to be considered. Apart from the benefits, planting trees in a condo (ต้นไม้ คอน โด, which is the term in Thai) also leaves a question to human health. The plants release oxygen by taking carbon dioxide during the daytime but during night time they release carbon dioxide into the air. Does it show any effect on human health?  But there are few plants which release oxygen during night time as well.  Preferring these plants to grow in a condo or a garden would be healthier.

Tips To Grow Trees In A Condo

Soil and the sunlight: Soil, the essential factor for a plant to grow, should be rightly chosen. The acidity level of the soil must be sufficient enough as required. Few plants require proper sunlight while the other few plants don’t. It is important to know the requirements, before planting trees in a condo.

Water System: Make sure the flowerpots or cans have drilled with enough holes allowing the excess water to come out. Watering the plants excessively would kill the plant. And remember to pour a sufficient amount of water during the summer season.

Cans or Tins Made Of Aluminium: Reusing the food cans and tins to grow plants would be a great idea as it saves money.

Rail Planters: This would be a great choice to save space. Rail planters are available online and also in gardening centers. The innovative flower pots with beautifully designed patterns are available in every shape and size and they can be hung to the railing of the balcony thereby saving space.

Plants That Are Suggested To Grow In A Condo:

  • Lignmagkr

People busy in their work-life do not have enough time to look after their plants. People like those prefer this plant to grow as it does not require any special attention. It is immune to sunlight and rain. It releases oxygen at night time taking up the carbon dioxide, and giving good sleep. 

  • Indian Rubber

The dust in the Condo is trapped by the thick leaves of this plant and the leaves of the plant are then cleaned with a wet cloth at regular intervals.

  • Teak Banyan

This slow-growing plant refreshes the environment of the condo and it requires proper sunlight, however, the water required is less.

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