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Currently, there are a lot of online brokerage services offered, so it is not easy to choose one, so you need to read the review first so you don’t make the wrong choice. One of the most recommended is the exness reviews. There are several reasons that make it trustworthy, see the following review!

Exness continues to grow until it is recognized as one of the leaders in the online trading industry. With continuously improving performance, Exness was awarded the Best Global Forex Broker award in 2019 by The European magazine, and also won the title of the Most Transparent Forex Broker 2019 from World Finance Magazine.

Exness is very safe in trading, with a high level of security, so that each account will be well protected, easy to deposit and withdraw funds. Exness guarantees a high level of security on their platform, so traders can trade safely and comfortably. Exness also provides currency options up to 107 types used in the world today. With various payment features, from internet banking to Fasapay.

You can also access the official Exness page to view Exness’ performance based on a variety of indicators, including reports on trading volume and number of registered clients, withdrawals, commissions, and other important information, including the results of audits conducted by Deloitte.

Easy to Open Account

For new users, Exness also provides a demo account so that beginners can learn the ins and outs of the platform and learn how to trade online properly, by implementing various strategies that allow for-profit before opening a real account.

For real accounts, Exness offers two types of accounts, namely standard accounts which are further divided into two types, namely standard accounts, and standard cents. The professional accounts consist of Zero Accounts, Pro Accounts, and Raw Spread Accounts.

Competitive Spreads

Many activities such as buying and selling on Forex you can do every day with the usual system. Which is basically a series of signals from a technical analysis chart tool. On the other hand, you can do forex scalping manually. Where the trader looks for signals and decides whether to buy or sell. It can also be automated where the trader sets the software to read signals.

However, scalping is not for everyone. If you want to do scalping, you must make a plan in forex trading because scalpers must have great patience and focus. Concentration and focus are the main capital for scalpers. Attention to trading charts is one of the important keys if you want to play scalping.

Exness provides a means of zero spread on almost all existing accounts. That means that Exness gives traders more account options with a zero spread feature. Zero spread from Exness is floating so that when there is a significant change in market price volatility it can widen.

One of the differences between each account is the spread. For example, on a standard cent account that is subject to a 0.3 spread with no commission charged. And on Zero accounts it can reach 0.0 spreads, following the existing market conditions.


Unlimited leverage feature. Thus, traders can trade up to the smallest margin. So that traders can apply various strategies that allow traders to get great profit opportunities. The conditions must be met to get the unlimited leverage feature. At normal leverage, Exness can reach 1:2000 on each trading instrument.


Becoming a professional trader is of course the thing that traders want the most, maybe you are one of them. However, did you know that the ability to choose a forex broker is also one of the important keys you need to have in the world of forex trading? Of course, with the best forex brokers, it will be easier for you to access the market in forex trading and generate the desired profit.

The trading platform is one of the entry points for traders to enter the forex market. Therefore, in order for your forex trading to run smoothly and get optimal results, you need to pay attention to choosing a brokerage company that supports services with MetaTrader software so that you can maximize trading well.

Make sure, the platform you use is easy enough. The platform must have complete features that can make it easier for you to make transactions and analyze. This last point is important for you to pay attention to in order to get the best forex broker partner is to pay attention to the customer service that the forex broker has.

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