Generally, it is found that many people face problems in their lower pain that eventually give rise to sciatica. In few cases, this may give rise to an acute episode of lower back pain which causes suffering from sciatica that can trouble for years with minimal relief.  Sciatica is not the condition that arises itself instead it indicates the issue that is rising in the lower back and pelvic region. This pain is induced in the body when the sciatic nerve is compressed, impinged, or irritated producing a combination of sharp electric type pains, dull aching pains, tingling, numbness, or weakness anywhere between buttock and foot. This pain occurs only on a single side and gets improved within 4 to 6 weeks from the onset of pain. Imaging is known as a check for any structural impingement of the nerve root in the lower back.

 Howsoever, the effect is not visible until the symptom is found to be quite serious which affects the motor control, a sign of infection, weight loss, etc., or failure of response to conservative treatment within the period of 4 to 6 weeks. This is assumed because imaging can provide a lot of false positives due to the degenerative changes of the spine as common in non-symptomatic individuals and association of normal aging process. When the sign of disc herniation impinging on nerve root the, majority of disc herniations resorbs to become asymptomatic within the tenure of 8 weeks of onset. Therefore, acupuncture is preferential to treat sciatica as well as lower back pain to avoid surgery unless one is at great risk. But the conservative treatment comprises pain relief, rest, and physical therapy. Acupuncture is known to be the most useful addition to conservative treatment to gain rapid pain relief and recovery.

Acupuncture for lower back pain and Sciatica:

Research has been conducted for lower back pain and sciatica and it was found that acupuncture is the most effective process that is used as standalone pain relief medication that is sure to provide increased relief when applied. But for chronic lower back pain sufferers, it was discovered that acupuncture to be twice effective as conventional treatment.

Lower back pain is the most common type of pain that needs to seek the help of acupuncture. At Baozhongtang, the experts are trained to work for the people who are suffering fromthe acute onset of sciatica as well as lower back pain.  In the Chinese medicine, expert treats the whole body which the main goal is to help out bodies for overall ability to heal and recover.  But as per modern medical research, stress implementsa major influence on the experience of pain and ability to recover. At TCM Clinic in Singapore, the pain and associated physical components are assessed and even upset the stress existing in the life to improve sleep quality and even addressing the digestive issues. With the support of regulating the nervous system, one can heal and feel better in the future. Distal acupuncture is the treatment that is used to cure a point distant fromthe affected area with the use of a needle to signal the body for the healing area. It is a useful approach when it is concerned with severe pain because it comes with a much lower risk of pain that is been exacerbated in comparison to local acupuncture which makes use of dry needling that is considered to be not ideal during acute inflammation.

If one talk about the long term benefits of acupuncture then it is considered as cumulative mean one need to pass through few session to start feeling the changes but the sign of improvement can be monitored with positive feedback after 4 treatments. The specialists known to offer the Best Acupuncture in Singapore expect that its patients feel 100% within the session but atleast respond to the session of acupuncture. The entire clinic works according to the plan strategies toward health goals.


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