Are Pre-Rolled Smokes Getting a Bad Rap?

There are rumors around the cannabis community that pre-rolled smokes might be from a lesser-quality product or produce a less-potent reaction when smoked. While that may be true of some budget dispensaries or producers, there are a number of reasons that more people are turning to pre-rolled smokes to get access to high-quality, convenient cannabis without the time commitment involved in rolling your own smokes. Whether you’re a long-time lover of the herb or just getting started, you might find that pre-rolled smokes are exactly what you need to enjoy a consistent experience with cannabis.

Pre-Rolled Smokes are a Quick and Convenient Option

Putting together your own joint takes a fair bit of time and practice, as well as some specialized materials. Pulling all of this machinery together and taking it with you on the road can be inconvenient and messy, while pre-rolled smokes provide you with the same level of excellence without the time and effort associated with self-rolling. It is important that you select a trusted brand such as Lowell Farms for your pre-rolled smokes, as there are some retailers that may include less-than-optimal parts of the marijuana plant in their pre-rolled smokes.

Pre-Rolled Smokes are More Discrete

Pulling out your equipment and rolling a joint in the middle of a restaurant is likely to be frowned upon, even in California’s moderate climate towards cannabis usage. When you bring along pre-rolled smokes, you are able to enjoy your favorite smoke without the judgment that might otherwise be a problem. These discrete and professionally-rolled smokes allow you the grab-and-go convenience needed by today’s busy adults. With all the work already done for you, all you have to do is light up and enjoy! These are also the ideal option for individuals that want to try new varieties or are not sure about their tastes as pre-rolls allow you to try a very small sampling of a particular variant before you purchase a larger amount.

Finding High-Quality Pre-Rolled Smokes

Sustainability is important for many California herb lovers, which is why the professionals at Lowell Farms utilize responsible farming methods in their crops. There are no synthetic pesticides and their buds are all organic — while workers are paid a living wage for the goods that they provide. This focus on the holistic production process has contributed to Lowell Farms providing a superior cannabis product to the California community. Their natural products are sold legally throughout the state of California and are available for shipping and in key retail establishments. The most recent offering from the team at Lowell Farms is Lowell Cafe, a new concept where individuals are able to get together and enjoy cannabis in a more relaxed and open setting. Pre-rolled smokes of carefully curated blends from Lowell Farms join cold-pressed cannabis oil, apparel and smoking accessories are all available at the light and airy new cannabis lounge that recently opened in West Hollywood.

All in all, pre-rolled smokes are an excellent option for individuals that are on-the-go or looking for new variants to enjoy. However, it is vital that you select a brand that you can trust so you know that you will be getting top-quality herbs for your hard-earned dollars. The team at Lowell Farms knows that you expect only the best, which is why our pre-rolled variants are made with the same exceptional cannabis that you expect to purchase in bulk. You can see many of our most popular options at the new Lowell Cafe, America’s first cannabis lounge where you can enjoy your herb — and a great meal with friends at the same time. Reservations are recommended and can be made online anytime.

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