A Guide to getting Server Boosters

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Server boosters are an important part of any game, and it is important to know how to get one. Luckily for you, we will show you the best ways to get a server booster in your game today.

1. Crafting

You can craft a server booster in the Wares section of your Crafting menu. It takes 30 minutes to make one, which is not too long at all for an item that’s so powerful. You will need 40 iron ingots and 20 gold bars to create it. It makes sense because both silver coins and gold coins are used as currency on servers these days. The server booster has no expiration date, but remember that you cannot ride this with any other vehicle if you choose to use this option. The dota 2 boosting is a great way to get around the map faster.

The best option for getting server boosters is to buy them from other players selling them in their shops. These usually cost between 50k and 200k silver coins, so it’s worth checking out what kind of deals you can find on your marketplace! It is one of the greatest things about playing online – there’s always someone willing to sell that new item you’ve been looking for at an affordable price.

2. Buying

You can also buy a server booster from other players. Since the demand has been so high in recent weeks, you might need to search for quite some time before finding one available at an affordable price. If you see somebody selling it and they have no reviews or feedback on their page, do not risk buying it! It is very risky as maybe that person will scam your money away. Make sure that if you choose to purchase this item, the seller has many positive reviews, good prices, & fast delivery times too!

3. Trade House

You can get a server booster for free from the trade house. However, this is very rare. If you do find one, though, remember that it might be expired by now! That is why we suggest going with Option #’s One or Two instead of trying to get one on your own through trading because every minute counts in this game, and using an extra 30 minutes isn’t worth it when there are better options available.

4. Special Event

Server boosters are also sometimes given out as a special event. Again, it is rare, but if you happen to be online at the right time and on the same server that this event is happening, you will have an opportunity to get your hands on one! If it’s in demand, though, somebody else might snatch it from under your nose, so make sure not to miss out by making yourself available when events like these happen.

5. Server Shop

The Server shop is another place to look if you want a free server booster. It doesn’t often happen, though, so don’t rely on this option for your chances of getting one! However, if the demand stays high and more people request boosters, we might see an increase in these items being given out as prizes or events held by the staff here at True Realm Games.

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