5 Non-Surgical Ways to Relieve Chronic Knee Pain

Chronic knee pain is just terrible. It affects almost every aspect of your life from walking to sitting to even simply standing. Worse, it becomes more bothersome at night when you try to sleep. While invasive surgery is an option, it doesn’t always solve the problem and comes with the possibility of significant adverse effects. But surgery is not your only option. Here are five ways to alleviate your chronic knee pain without going under the knife.

Stay Active
While the pain in your knee tells you to stay off it, that is the worst thing you can do. A lack of activity will cause the tendons and ligaments in the knee to weaken and exacerbate the problem. Engage in non-impact, non-weight bearing exercises that focus on motion and flexibility. Walking, swimming and tai chi are three excellent options. Check with your medical practitioner for specific exercises for your condition.

Watch Your Diet
This includes what and how much you eat. Excess weight puts additional pressure on your knees which can lead to greater pain. Select a healthy diet that helps you to shed pounds. Also, some knee pain suffers claim eating anti-inflammatory foods that include pectin and gelatin help alleviate pain. While this has not been scientifically evaluated, there is ample anecdotal evidence.

In this non-surgical procedure, a regenerative solution is injected into the knee to encourage new healthy tissue to grow. This is important as many areas of the receive only a small supply of blood, so they are slow to repair. Prolotherapy has been proven to alleviate the underlying issues of pain and increase the range of pain-free movement. It is a simple, outpatient procedure with a high rate of success.

CBD Oils
CBD products have been found to alleviate chronic pain. They also help with sleep issues that can plague chronic pain sufferers. While related to marijuana, CBD products have a miniscule amount of THC, so there are no psychoactive properties. The active compound cannabidiol is not addictive, so CBD is a far better option than narcotic-based prescription painkillers.

Pay Attention to your Shoes
Wear quality shoes that provide extensive support. Look for shoes with proper arch support and ones that maintain proper pronation for your feet and legs. This will help keep your knees healthy. Avoid wearing cheap shoes like flip flops or shoes like Uggs that provide little or no support. Also, pay attention to the condition of your shoes. Don’t let them get worn down completely as this will erode the support they provide. Another good option is to add orthotics to increase support and stability.

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